Thursday, December 14, 2006

And so begins the break. 3 1/2 weeks of vacation to do what I can to rest my brain. School is tough. The end results should make it worth while but with 1 year left and the struggles of maintaining a 4.0, well... It gets tiring.

On task for this break (in no particular order):
1. learn C# (I have a how-to book that I'll finally have the time to read)
2. Re-build shower
----a. rip out tile
----b. rip out dry-wall
----c. put in backer/green board
----d. tile shower
3. write with monkey (this is one that I'm really looking forward to. I'll get back to a description later)
4. BUY THE Wii!!!!!11!!1!one!!1
5. clean the office (this alone could take 3 1/2 weeks)

There is so much more. On that list I tried to balance between whats fun and whats not. Wii and Monkey of course fall on the fun side where the shower and cleaning of course do not. OK... thats it for me. I'm going to go and start procrastinating. I mean... I do have almost a month.

"That's not a knife, This is a knife!"
"That's not a knife, that's a spoon"
"Allright, Allright... I see you've played knifey spoony before."